Friday, June 12, 2009

sparkling river night

Water is the great conductor of energy - electrical, spiritual....rivers are currents of nature energy. I'm convinced the river charges everyone's experience who's on it - floating in a boat, an inner tube, or sitting by the banks - the constantly-flowing current of the river draws energy unto it and naturally charges the air with the nature hum of spirit energy.

For this reason people go to the river to party - they are naturally drawn to the invigorated energy of the riverspace. That's why you always find beer cans on the banks and in the eddies of Texas rivers. That's why tubers on the Guadalupe always drink, that's why cajuns party at the waterbank, and don't forget those Mississippi riverboats. On the same token, cities with rivers coursing through them are naturally spiritually charged. Wouldn't you say all the major cities of the world straddle a river?
Paris Exposition and the Nile:

Just for the sheer sapiness, here is a clip from the classic chick flick Chocolat in which Johnny Depp is very sexy on a gypsy riverboat. Skip to 3:35 for Johnny.

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