Sunday, April 5, 2009



"Before large portions of it disappeared in the year 2000 beneath the rising waters of a new reservoir on the Euphrates River, the ancient city of Zeugma yielded one of the richest troves of Roman mosaics ever uncovered, including that of the gods Poseidon, Oceanus, and Tethys now undergoing restoration at Turkey's Gaziantep Museum." - Nova Lost Roman Treasures.

"Zeugma (from the Greek: ζεῦγμα, zeûgma, meaning "yoke") is a figure of speech describing the joining of two or more parts of a sentence with a single common verb or noun. A zeugma employs both ellipsis, the omission of words which are easily understood, and parallelism, the balance of several words or phrases" - Wikipedia
"A bridge uniting the two banks of the Euphrates (Firat) suggested the name, the Greek work meaning "a yoke", or stands for a term like "bridge head" or "passage location."- All About Turkey.

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